New partnership with The Country Food Trust

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with The Country Food Trust …


April 2019

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with The Country Food Trust after working with them on a pilot project since early 2018.

The Country Food Trust – WHAT WE DO

In simple terms, we are a charity food producer making top quality protein based food that we donate to charities who feed people in need. The charity is funded by individuals, companies, shoots, trusts and other charitable organisations.

We started by speaking to charities that told us they get a lot of nutritionally low value food – but very little meat and they had little chilling or freezer capacity. We knew there were affordable, plentiful and nutritional meat sources available which we could turn into meals and we worked with charities on the product design.

Currently we have two products, The Country Casserole, a nutritious and warming pheasant casserole and The Country Curry, a mildly spicy pheasant curry.

In our first year we produced 20,408 meals and since inception we have produced over 250,000 meals. These meals are donated to those in food poverty either directly to people in need, charities and foodbanks who feed people in need or through amazing charities like FareShare who distribute food nationwide to other charities.

We manufacture our food in a retort pouch so it can be stored for a year without chilling. It also means that as a small charity we can manage the food without being at the mercy of expiry dates if fresh. This also helps the charities which distribute the meals for us. Retorting is pressure cooking and involves no additional ingredients to ensure a longer life of the food.

Whilst we are currently using pheasant and we are developing a vegetarian option, and are looking at other proteins such as layers chickens or mutton. They are nutritious, low in cholesterol and high in vitamins. We currently produce two meals in 300g pouches that contain 90g of meat, which is an ideal meal for one especially when added to potatoes, rice and vegetables.

Meet Our Chef – Tim Maddams

I am a private chef, writer, cookery teacher and presenter living in Devon. I’ve been into food from an early age, spending much of my childhood on the family farm in Wiltshire, gleaning a close understanding of farming and fostering a love of the great British countryside, wild food and quality produce which forms the cornerstone of how I think about food today.

Tim focusses on producing amazing dishes using ethically produced, sustainable and locally sourced ingredients. Over the last 15 years, Tim has worked in a variety of exciting roles across a wide range of restaurants and was the author of The River Cottage Handbook on Game.

Harlow Foodbank and the Bounty Club have been distributing these products to local people in need since early 2018 and they have been very popular with our referred clients.

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