Maybury Open Door is based in Harlow and is managed by a team of MRCT Community Workers and volunteers.  It is a community drop-in resource which welcomes adults from 18+ years to promote community spirit and integration.

As a Christian-based charity our aims and objectives are to develop voluntary work and social opportunities for people who are often perceived as being disadvantaged, either through a disability or social difficulty.

  • We provide inclusive drop-in centres for adults with a range of abilities
  • We promote a team philosophy – together everybody achieves more
  • We promote the ability of all people – encouraging social inclusion

Based at two locations in Harlow

LocationSt Paul’s ChurchHarefield ChurchSt Paul’s Church
Opening Times11.00am to 4.00pm11.00am to 4.00pm11.00am to 4.00pm

Maybury Open Door is open to all and supports a wide range of adults including elderly, people with a disability, homeless, isolated people and others who just need to venture out and meet new friends.  The centre seeks to promote the ability of people, and to encourage them to take an active role.

The centres give support and encouragement by providing opportunities for community integration, helping and supporting people in positive and practical ways.  Some people need extra specific individual attention and support, a safe and friendly environment, where they can feel accepted and allowed to flourish as an individual, meeting with people who have a desire and determination to help and encourage them.

No matter how extreme an individual’s circumstances may seem to be, with support and encouragement, their lives can be enhanced.

What people are saying about Maybury Open Door

Its changed my life, got me off drugs and alcohol, now I’m a volunteer.  It helps a lot of people.

If it wasn’t for Maybury Open Door I wouldn’t be here at all.

More confident in myself.  I was nervous before coming here, unemployed.

It puts a smile on people’s faces.

I was so impressed at the work of Maybury Open Door and now I’m glad to work on the bank staff team, thank you.

Very friendly, place where I can come and talk to others.

Make friends, keeps me busy, and meet new people.

Given me more independence.

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