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The work of MRCT is really making a difference in people’s lives in Harlow and the surrounding area through the people we support at Maybury Open Door, the emergency food we distribute to people in crisis with Harlow Foodbank and through the training and development of our “Supported Volunteer Programme”.

Our work can be a lifeline to some people who are going through a period of difficulty or crisis in their life, often through no fault of their own.

The needs are continually growing

The number of people who we help is continually growing.  With over 150 people coming into Maybury Open Door each week and Harlow Foodbank feeding over 300 people each month and numbers are growing, we need your help and support.

All of this work really is making a difference and we need your support as it grows and develops through a period of recession, when the needs are greatly increasing.

All support and donations that we receive make a difference, no matter how big or how small.

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