A Tribute to Paul Sexton

Paul Sexton, Managing Director of Lawsons (Whetstone) Ltd, a dedicated, dynamic, inspiring person with great character and caring kind heart, passed away at home on May 8th 2020.


May 2020

Paul Sexton, Managing Director of Lawsons (Whetstone) Ltd, a dedicated, dynamic, inspiring person with great character and caring kind heart, passed away at home on May 8th 2020.

This followed a long battle with illness. Through his illness Paul continued to drive Lawsons forward; through the charitable arm of the company he also offered amazing support both financially and practically to the Michael Roberts Charitable Trust and other charities and projects in need.

The generosity of Paul and Lawsons has provided two years of all expenses covered sponsorship of our Bounty Club refrigerated van, and our smaller MRCT van, which was also donated to us by Lawsons.  It has also helped maintain our work within the community supporting local people in need and in crisis; impacting thousands of individuals, a third of whom are children, through this wonderful generosity in giving.

Paul and Lawsons have also donated warehouse equipment, such as a refurbished fork lift truck and pallet truck weigh scales, which has been invaluable.  As well as this, the building and equipping of an office and training facility, completed in 2019 at our Store House in Matching Tye, has been truly amazing.  This is now the hub of all that the Michael Roberts Charitable Trust does.  The aim is to encourage all sections of the community, businesses, organisations, schools and others to come and experience first hand the work of the Michael Roberts Charitable Trust, and to give them greater insight into the needs and issues of our community and how we can all help and make a difference, in particular the work of the Harlow Food Bank.  We cannot thank Paul and the Lawsons’ staff team enough for the amazing financial and practical support that has made this all happen.

Paul, who worked tirelessly and courageously through his personal battle with illness, was always encouraging and motivating others and passionate about all he did.  He was a successful businessman but he never forgot his childhood upbringing.  One of six siblings, living in a two up two down house in Hackney, he remembered his mother (who had a strong Catholic faith) taking him to a Food bank when he was very young, how grateful they were for the food, and going back to donate when they were able to.  This memory never left Paul and made him determined to make a difference for those less fortunate than himself.  He most certainly achieved this and the Michael Roberts Charitable Trust’s staff, volunteers and users will always be grateful for the incredible contributions made and the life changing impact it is already having.

As a Christian charity we thank God for Paul and for Lawsons.  Some years ago a gentleman working at our Food bank in a small church hall, had a dream and drew a picture of what he saw.  It was a large two storey warehouse with shutter opening, a Food Bank van outside and windows above.  He told us that this was what was promised by God to MRCT as we serve the community.  The store House is that building and years later God brought Paul and Lawsons into our lives, and with the upstairs office the vision is complete.

Paul will be greatly missed and our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife Marie, son Patrick and all the family at this sad time.  Teresa Knott and family would also like to pay personal tribute to Paul and to Marie his wife for their support and kindness during Gary’s illness and after his unexpected death late last year..

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