Legacy Giving

One way in which you can support MRCT is by leaving a LEGACY gift in your will.  Have you thought how this could help and what do you need?

How to leave a legacy to MRCT

If you would like to leave a legacy to MRCT, either by writing a will for the first time or by amending your existing will, we strongly recommend that you use the services of a professional adviser.  This is not as complex as it may sound, and it is a reliable way of ensuring that your wishes are carried out accurately.

A professional adviser will be able to explain to you the different types of legacy you can leave.

Making or amending a will

A professional adviser will be able to help you to determine the value of your estate (this includes for example the value of any property you own).  Many people find that their estate is worth more than they thought – meaning that a legacy can help more people than they expected.

You will need to choose someone to be the executor (the person who ensures the will is carried out).

It is important to take your existing will with you when you meet with your adviser.

Remember that you may need to amend your existing will if you have recently married, divorced, if there is a new family member, or if a family member has died.

If you are able to include The Michael Roberts Charitable Trust in your will, your adviser will need our registered charity number and address details, which are given on our contacts page.

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