Supermarket Days!
Representing us on special occasions when we can encourage donations in leading supermarkets in Harlow and Bishops Stortford

Every year each major supermarket does a special collection for us. The donations shoot up if our volunteers are there with a friendly greeting, reminding people of our important work in helping those in crisis

Our volunteers

This role makes a huge difference to others and most volunteers will do a few hours in store every 4-6 months.

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Interested in helping here?

To register your interest on our volunteer form (without committing at this stage) please click the baton below:

Or call us on 01279 724515 to discuss

Availability for Supermarket Collection Days

next big collection day:

This is such an easy task but has huge results!

If you support the Foodbank but have very little time to help regularly – there is nothing difficult about simply showing your support to those who enter Tesco’s. You don’t have to say anything!

Just let people know that people like them are doing their bit for their neighbours in need.

Call us on 01279 724515 to discuss