Feedback from people who have benefitted from the fresh food

  • We are so grateful for all the lovely food you leave us. It is much appreciated.
  • This has really helped us while we have been on a tight budget and we even tried some new food.
  • I am on a tight budget so all the bread has helped a lot.
  • Thank you, Bounty Club, for the food; we are going to use all the vegetables for dinner tonight.  My little girl enjoyed picking the veg
  • It has encouraged healthier eating in our home and saved us £’s.
  • We have been able to try different fresh vegetables.
  • With five children, this food greatly helps with our limited budget.
  • Allowed us to have fresh fruit and vegetables at the end of the month.
  • Thank you for the lovely food. It has helped me with my food budget. We eat more fresh vegetables now

Feedback from front-line professional agencies

Andy Bulled, Site Excellence Manager, Bidfood – Harlow

“Since the formation of the Bounty Club, Bidfood – Harlow have been able to divert more chilled products away from landfill. This partnership helps support local organisations working on the front line and low-income families. It will also help us reach our aim of eliminating all surplus food sent to landfill.

Claire Cochrane, Housing Support Worker, Family Mosaic

“The fresh produce you give to our young people makes a huge difference to them. Not only does it help financially as they are on low incomes, (most of them at college); it has also helped with their diets as some are living on ready meals, and now with your support are cooking healthy balanced meals”

Ann Tierney, Gateway Centre Volunteer

“Since being in receipt of the Bounty Club fresh food, our work with children, young adults and families has been increased to being able to offer fresh food items that families do not have the finance themselves to bring into their diets. The food has also been of such a wide variety of origins that there are many kinds that some people have never seen before, which has also been educational.”

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