Work Placement with Harlow Foodbank


July 2016

Daniel Joyce recently came to work with us at the warehouse and satellite centre as part of his teacher training and below is his some very encouraging feedback from his two weeks with us.  He also worked with the Bounty Club during his time with us.

Dear Gary…

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work within the Harlow Foodbank.  I really enjoyed the experience and all of the people I met over the course of my time were friendly, welcoming and all had a heart to help people.  I enjoyed talking to people over the two weeks and hearing about the different ways in which they come to work with the Foodbank, through these conversations I noticed that everyone there all had a desire to help people in whatever way they can.

The warehouse opened my eyes to how far the Foodbank reaches, how much food is actually required and all of the hard work that is put in behind the scenes that may not be seen by many.  In particular I would like to thank David and Belinda because their passion for what they are doing is clear to see and I find this inspiring to see.

I also really enjoyed the 2 days I went on the Bounty Club with Rodger as I didn’t know much about Bounty Club beforehand but found it to be a wonderful idea that is helpful to all parties involved and the appreciation was easy to be seen wherever food was dropped off.

The time spent at St Pauls continued to put a smile on my face every single day.  I enjoyed seeing the effect the Foodbank had on people as they come and went, they left the room with a totally different mind-set and to what they went in with.  At St Pauls I was welcomed and made to feel very comfortable by all the different volunteers on different days.

I enjoyed every moment of the 2 weeks and am extremely grateful to you for allowing me to spend them with the team.  The thing I take most from it is the smiles that were constantly there, whether that be the smiles at the friendships the Foodbank has created, the smiles at the laughs and jokes that were shared, the smiles of the volunteers as the spoke of helping other people or the smiles of the people as the left with the food they needed.

The Harlow Foodbank is an amazing organisation that is full of volunteers who bring passion, love, joy and dedication to help others in whatever way the possibly can.

Thank you for letting me do this, it was an amazing experience and I am extremely grateful”.

God Bless,
Daniel Joyce