More than 4.5 million emergency meals given out by Foodbanks


November 2015

Foodbanks hand out 4.5MILLION meals in just six months and charity expects situation to worsen

Leading foodbank charity the Trussell Trust said the number of families dependent on foodbanks could increase when the Tory raid on tax credits is implemented.  More than 4.5million emergency meals were given out by foodbanks in just six months, figures reveal.

The Trussell Trust said it distributed 506,369 three-day food parcels from April to September, compared to 492,641 in the same period last year.

Each pack contains enough food for three meals a day.

The trust’s director Adrian Curtis said

More working families could be forced to rely on handouts because of the Tories’ £4.4billion planned tax credit raid.

He said: “Latest foodbank figures are still at worryingly high levels. We’re seeing that hunger remains a major issue for low income families and individuals.

“When the proposed changes to tax credits are implemented, we are concerned that more working families will not be able to make ends meet, and that we could see a substantial rise in foodbank use.”

Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Owen Smith said:

“Any government with an ounce of decency would see these figures, wake up to the scale of their failure and change course, especially as nearly 200,000 children were fed by foodbanks over the last six months.”

The figures are from the 425 foodbanks run by the trust, the UK’s biggest provider, but do not include other charities.

People have to be referred to the trust by doctors, police, social workers or other professionals.

They are issued with a food voucher which can be exchanged for an emergency food parcel.

Welfare problems accounted for nearly half of all referrals, while low household income was the trigger for more than a fifth of families seeking food aid.

Hospital sets up permanent food bank after increase in malnourished patients

The 3% rise in demand could rocket this winter as households use more of their food budget to heat their homes.

Mr Curtis said: “Winter is likely to see a significant rise in people needing foodbanks, as those on low incomes face choices between eating and heating.”

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